According to the product issues, characteristics and the requirements of the project concerned:

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Each project has specific issues and characteristics, when we engage in its development, we will evaluate the best 3D tool to this purpose, we use different kind of modeling depending on the end product we want to obtain. It is a very important stage in order to determine which is the goal of the modeling in question: visualizations (renders and 3D animations), rapid prototyping (B class surfaces, STL or solids) or production modeling (A class surfaces or solids) because not all require the same degree of accuracy.



From the simple design of this rim to the most advanced surfaces in the automotive world, are performed through the development of complex surfaces created by a 3D modeler and a software as a tool. It is important to note that there is not a single definition of Class-A surfaces, since each company sets its own standards and qualities. That's how variations ...

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